How to travel if the country is closed? The most interesting things from today's top headlines

Today, almost any tourist is prepared to tell you how to get to the country, where exactly to go and what kind of trip it is. But not all people have heard that the country is closed. I heard a great thing, for example, about the closed border with Azerbaijan. After all, there are only 250 km between Armenia and Azerbaijan. And there are always more than 1,000 km between Armenia and Turkey. Close, isn't there?Well, if you're from overseas and you want to visit your relatives in the semi-autonomous region, then of course, you need to plan your trip properly. You need to know the details about the permit, passport number, and the itinerary so that you don't end up in a difficult situation. And if you already have this information, then it is much easier to get it than in the past, when you had to enter your details on a form. Moreover, you don't need a visa to visit the country of your choice. You only need to provide proof of your identity, address, and the right destination. In the past, the authorities were able to track the movements of foreigners through the country, and in some cases passports were confiscated. What can I say?In principle, this is convenient. In the meantime, we will move on to the topic of the closed border. And the most open and as yet unknown country in the world. Closed border zoneThe Commonwealth countries are not legally required to accept people from outside the country. This has been the case for many years. But in July 2021, after discussions between the State Department and the Council of Europe, it was decided to establish a 2-meter no man's land between the Republic of Armenia and the Azerbaijani Republic. This is the official border separating Armenia and Azerbaijan. Officially, this boundary is 2,000 km from the Georgian border and 300 km from the river. roadblocks. There are 3 border posts along the line. They are: with Armenia, but there is no road map as to how to get to the other side. There is a reasonable argument that if there are 3 posts, then this creates a cordon sanitaire, which is not conducive to cross-border movements. Cross-border movement is not very easy, because in such a confined space, you can not go and then find yourself in the middle of a forest or plain, or even on the shore of a lake and it will be very difficult to find the trail. There is a map of the area that has been developed by the International Border of Armenia and Azerbaijan based on aerial photographs and data from reconnaissance planes. According to this map, there are already 22.9 km between the Republic of Armenia and the Azerbaijani Republic. No road, but there is a trailThere is a trail,